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"The nearest big town to us, Smithfield, was only eight miles away. But because those eight miles were on narrow dirt lanes that frequent rains turned to muddy disasters, Smithfield might as well have been on some other planet. I mean, Smithfield had paved roads and built-up sidewalks and even electricity, things that didn’t reach our neck of the woods until 1945 or 1946. And Smithfield had one further attraction: an honest-to-God movie house. And Mama, bless her, became addicted. Which meant that if I had the pocket money for a ticket, I could always get a ride into town. I sat up in the balcony, where the seats were cheapest, and had as good a time as the law allowed. But if I ever thought even for a minute that somebody like me could ever end up, up there, I surely don’t recall it."

-Ava Gardner 

(Source : avasgal)

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